Sober Assist is a program that significantly increases recovery rates in addicted individuals. It typically follows residential treatment for addiction. Sober Assist is modeled after relapse prevention programs designed for physicians in recovery. Physicians in the United States enjoy an 80 percent success rate for complete abstinence over a five-year period.


How can the use of Sober Assist benefit the participant?

Sober Assist encourages accountability and helps promote recovery. The Sober Assist requirements of random toxicology screens, mandatory attendance at 12-step meetings, and contingency contracts with employers, courts, or affected family members all encourage and support complete abstinence during recovery.

What additional service can Sober Assist provide to the participant?

Sober Assist will advocate on the participant’s behalf if he or she remains abstinent. This may involve family, employers, licensing boards, or the court system. Participation in Sober Assist provides objective documentation of sustained recovery.

How does Sober Assist work?

The participant checks in Monday-Friday between designated hours, either online, by calling an automated phone service, or by using a phone app. If selected to test on a particular day, the participant will be required to go to a designated lab for testing. Additionally, participants agree to attend at least four 12-step meetings per week and provide Sober Assist with documentation of meeting attendance using the phone app.

What happens if the participant has a positive drug screen?

Sober Assist will inform all entities or persons listed in the signed recovery agreement. This may result in a variety of consequences such as a return to residential treatment, loss of a job and/or professional license, or a significantly enhanced Sober Assist monitoring schedule. It may also result in adverse personal consequences.

Where are testing facilities located?

Our partnering entity is responsible for the administration of screening tests to the participant, and has contracted with a network of laboratories that spans the entire United States and includes many international locations. A custom testing network can be constructed to meet the needs of the participant.

What is the cost of Sober Assist?

The Sober Assist administrative and management cost is $135 per month. The cost of urine drug screening is additional and paid separately to our partnering entity. In the first year, the urine drug screening cost will be approximately $1500.

Where does a participant go to give a urine drug screen sample?

The participant will be provided with a list of testing locations in his or her vicinity. The participant will be given access to a personalized web portal following enrollment that will include a list and map of testing facilities.

What happens if the participant has to travel on a day when he or she is selected to test?

Our partnering entity contracts with labs throughout the United States and participants should be able to find testing facilities wherever they are traveling. Sober Assist will help find a testing facility if a participant needs assistance.

Are participants allowed any time off during the year?

Yes. Waivers are granted for 5 working days per year for business trips and vacations. Participants must inform Sober Assist no later than 20 business days before the first requested vacation day. Participants agree to test the day before and the day after the waiver period.

What if a participant has an emergency?

The participant should contact Sober Assist as soon as possible if they are unable to test, check in and/or attend meetings for a period of time due to an unforeseeable emergency. This may be due to personal or family illness, a death in the family, or inclement weather.