Need Help Quitting Opiates – Step 1

Pill Organizer

The first step to get off opiates is establishing a goal. Whether the goal is to reduce the amount of opiate you’re taking or quit entirely there are helpful techniques for reducing the associated suffering, in some cases dramatically so. Before you begin a taper you should decide what is reasonable. This sounds obvious, but most […]

Addiction and Pain

Pain is the most common symptom that brings patients to our office and chronic pain is a co-existing disease state in more than 50% of the patients we see on a regular basis. A disproportionate share of the chronic pain patients we treat have been discharged from other practices because of alleged misuse of medicine, […]

Welcome to My Hydrocodone Party

The hydrocodone epidemic is affecting an increasingly younger patient population and creating a new breed of addicts.  Consider this information, according to data from a recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 75 percent of new users of pain relievers are under 25 and 38 percent are under 18 years.  I see […]